THE TERRIFYING LOWS: Takes in a solo amusement park date with ‘COOL WITH IT’

Melbourne’s Tyler Millott – aka The Terrifying Lows – has been reveling in the release of his captivating new single, ‘Cool With It’, a striking release from the in-demand instrumentalist.

“Powered by a devil may care guitar riff, and populated with an equally as carefree level of fuzz, ‘Cool With It’ is a worthy offering to the gods of grunge.” – Music Feeds

“It grows across the journey and I’m tapping along annoyingly loudly for my co-workers by the end.” – Triple J, Declan Byrne (Home and Hosed)

Now, The Terrifying Lows continues to explore the bounds of his new single with the official music video, directed by Lewis MitchellWilly Pleasance and Millott himself. Shot on location at Melbourne’s Luna Park, there’s a sense of melancholy that runs through the clip, as the viewer watches Millott take in the sights, get involved in the games and attractions, as the melodies of ‘Cool With It’ weave throughout.  “I really didn’t want to make a narrative video about some guy (ME) arguing with his romantic partner. Instead I wanted to support the nostalgic feeling of the song with an equally as familiar visual aspect
The Terrifying Lows

Cool with it video 

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