Luke Carlino goes under the grill

We put Luke Carlino ‘under the grill’ ahead of his Ed Castle gig on the 17th August as part of his ‘Minute‘ tour.

Q1. It’s getting on for 12 months since you moved over to the dark side (Melbourne) from Adelaide. How has the last year been for you?

LUKE. Haha, dark side, classic. It’s been a crazy experience being my first interstate move. Melbourne is a great city, the artistic culture, and music scene is hugely inspiring. As much as I do miss my beloved Adelaide, Melbourne is a very welcoming place.

Q2. Would you rather play solo with loops or with a full band?

LUKE. I enjoy both. There is a fear/risk when you are up there by yourself which is exhilarating, but it also gets lonely. Playing with other people, especially SixFour, is a lot of fun, they are such great musicians it makes you up your game and gives things energy that is incomparable.

Q3. Who is the artist you would like to play with, either as a duo or as a support act to?

LUKE. The list is too long. Paul Dempsey, obviously, if possible I would like him to be my new best friend. There is a Melbourne artist called ‘Fractures’ who I would love to play/write with.

Q4. Tell us how your new single ‘Minute’ came about. What was the inspiration behind it?

LUKE. I decided one day I would like a song with no guitar, just vocal loops and beats, so I started messing around with my voice, and that is the samples you hear at the start of the song. Once I had a demo version SixFour grabbed it and made it awesome then Daydream Fever added possibly my favourite verse ever.

Q5. What does your songwriting process look like. Do you start with a vocal line, a melody idea or some other starting point?

LUKE. There really isn’t a process as I’m very unprofessional. It can happen a million ways, sometimes just a riff, or lyric will start things off. As I work with loops my song structures are a challenge as they need something concurrent, they need to build. They are almost always far too long. This is why I need SixFour; they keep me in check. One exception is the last song on my forthcoming EP, it’s like seven minutes long, but it’s the best song I’ve ever written.

Q6. When on tour, what relaxation techniques do you have for chilling out after the stress/hype of performing?

LUKE. I have a little rule of watching all the acts that I play with so that is always a nice wind-down. It’s like you get to go to a show after your show, it’s one of the biggest perks of being a musician, watching others play.

Q7. On this single you worked with SixFour, more readily known for Hip hop/DnB sounds, how was that? Did you have to change the way you work?

LUKE I went to them FOR that reason. The thing with SixFour is, they could work with any genre and make it amazing because they are that good. It’s a weird thing to hand songs that you have created over to a producer, it takes a lot of trust, but they are the best humans and the most amazing musicians, so I knew my babies were in good hands. Plus, they have this uncanny ability to take what is in my head and make it a real thing which blows my mind.

Q9. Did you notice there wasn’t a question 8?

LUKE. I did. It’s REALLY bothering me. I’m going to answer it anyway: “I would say seven pickles.”

Q10. If you could go back to the very start of your music career. What would you do differently?

LUKE. I don’t know if I would do anything that different. I think I would have tried to get a little less caught up in the music “scene” of the time. It seemed so important back then and is non-existent now. It’s hard when you are starting out to see past your own pond, but I’ve played all over the country/world now and see how big it is and how many scenes there are. Back then I think it restricted what you did as a musician so I would try and look past that is I could do it again.

Q11. Not that we in Adelaide miss you or anything but … When are you coming home?

LUKE. I’ll be back to launch ‘Minute’ on August 17 at the Ed Castle with Daydream Fever who will be launching his ‘God Market’ EP which I have the pleasure of appearing on. It’s going to be an enjoyable night with lots of other great artists performing. I’m bringing Sasha March on stage with me to perform the seven-minute epic I mentioned earlier, can’t wait!

listen to Minute here

Lukes FB page

Catch Luke at the Ed Castle on the 17th August 

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