Fight The Sun – go under the grill

Ahead of their Adelaide gig on July 14th @ The Crown and Anchor
with Favour the Brave and Already Gone. Fight The Sun took time out to answer a few questions.

Q1. You worked with Producer Tom Larkin on your EP. How much input did the band get into the production process? Where you happy to let Tom work his magic or did the band need to make sure they established their own style from the very beginning?

FTS. It was a little bit of all of the above. We had a lot of input and vetoed things we didn’t want to do but that didn’t really happen a lot as we agreed on so much. Overall it was a really collaborative process and Tom really opened our eyes (and ears) to a different approach to songwriting and being a band. We were able to establish a style but still be open to new ideas.

Q2. The video for ‘Goodbye Gravity’ is full of energy. Is that energy typical of the band? And is that – what has been described as “Controlled Chaos” – what we can expect to see at the ‘Cranker’ in Adelaide?

FTS. It’s fair to say it is typical. It’s kind of just how we are when we play. It’d be really difficult for us to get on stage and not bring a fair amount of energy and enthusiasm to it. The surge and the power and the volume of what you’re doing just tends to get you a bit carried away.

Q3. Recreating that “big” sound that we hear on the CD in your live gigs has to be a challenge. How do you manage that?

FTS. Just turn everything up to 11! haha But seriously it really is just a lot of trial and error. Especially from a guitar perspective, picking out the parts that are most effective. The best approach generally is to simplify things a little and usually allows things to stand out and translate better through a typical loudly cranked PA.

Q4. Where would you like to play that you haven’t yet played?

FTS. Besides the Cranker? lol Some of those great European festivals would be cool (Download etc) Overseas in general actually would be pretty rad. We’re starting to look at doing that in the not too distant future if everything falls in to place correctly.

Q5. If you had to give yourself some advice before starting out on your musical careers what would it be?

FTS. Listen and learn as much as you can about everything. Be open to everything. Just because something isn’t in your wheelhouse so to speak doesn’t mean there isn’t something to learn and absorb. Be a sponge, a big squishy learning sponge not the type that uses people for money. And just treat everyone with the same respect you’d like to be treated with no matter who they or you are, an obvious one but rings true with everything.

Q6.Can you give us an insight into how you go about writing a song? What is your creative pathway like?

FTS. There isn’t one particular pathway for us at least. Sometimes the best ideas or songs come out of us mucking around at rehearsal. A common thing that happens is that ideas will just pop into my head at any given moment. I’ll record them on my phone or if at home on a little digital recorder. then leave the idea for a while and come back to it. If it still sounds good a few days or a week later then I’ll explore it more, add whatever it needs (melody, lyrics, etc) then present it to the band and we work out an arrangement. From there it’ll just evolve and we’ll come back and tinker with it off and on. Most songs are never 100% complete until they’re recorded.

Q7. How has the last 12 month been for the band? what have been the highs and lows?

FTS. The highs have definitely been working on the EP, releasing it, doing the video and so on. The lows are probably the same ones that a lot of bands have regardless where they’re at in their careers. Line up changes, negative opinions of your music (thankfully not too many!) not getting the support gig you really wanted, the usual stuff.

Q9. Did you notice Adelaide Music Mag never has a question 8?

FTS. What’s an 8? I’m a rock musician, I can’t count past 4!

Q10. Which act would you most like to be on the same bill with?

FTS. Tough one, too many acts that we love to choose from. Biffy Clyro would be cool, they’re a great band, a definite favourite and seem like cool guys.

listen to Goodbye Gravity Here

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