The Montreals return and up their game with new sounds in ‘RUDE’

The emergence and rise to notoriety of Adelaide four piece The Montreals has been an impressive one; the last two years have seen the ferociously entertaining band go from strength to strength, first off the back of debut EP Indigo Club and this year, with the success of singles ‘Y2K’ and ‘Sardines’. Already, they’ve enjoyed Australian and international radio love,  attracting impressive airplay across Triple J and American radio juggernaut KCRW. Online, the streaming figures have also been a great indicator of The Montreals’ trajectory in a short period of time, with their music clocking near on one million Spotify streams and multiple playlist additions (Indie Arrivals, Fresh Finds).  Now, as they head towards year’s end, The Montreals return to take another bite of the cherry with their new single, ‘RUDE’.

With pacing and delivery akin to bands like ParcelsGus Dapperton and Phoenix, ‘RUDE’ encompasses The Montreals’ innate sense of fun in with refined songwriting and wit. Keeping the same energy on previous releases sees The Montreals operating in a strong and comfortable creative space, while in the sprightly production, intoxicating vocals and well executed guitar progressions, ‘RUDE’ stands out as one of The Montreals’ most defined releases yet.

The song’s themes are pretty clear cut from the jump; pouring grievances, no matter their size into a 3:55 slice of indie rock that new listeners and returning fans alike can get behind. “If you are rude to wait staff, that is tra$h. If you use AMEX to pay for coffee, that is tra$h. There’s an epidemic of rude people – so ‘RUDE’ is a montage of events dedicated to that.” The Montreals

Recorded in Adelaide with Tom Garnett (Young Thug) on production duties, ‘RUDE’ is a fitting example of how tight The Montreals’ writing dynamic has continued to become over the last year. Of course, the band has become not just a local favourite in South Australia, but their charm and talent has been embraced eagerly by audiences and music fans around the country – elements of their musicianship that has filtered through into their latest work. “The recording process came at a hectic time of year for all of us – we could barely get four of us in a bloody room together! It was real cute to finally round up the rabel in our little recording oasis away from the real world…we’ve learnt to make sure to take time for ya m8s.” The Montreals


“A bit of a change of pace for this band who I’ve come to know as zippy indie pop experts. Still lots of personality on this track but I like how it’s all a bit wobbly.” 
Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe (‘Y2K’, 2018)

“You guys RULE. I would love to see this track played live. All I can think about is crowd surfing and having the best time of my life. Love you guys..” 
Triple J Unearthed, Claire Mooney (‘Y2K’, 2018)

“Y2K’ deserves much more than the bedroom pop label that the band have assigned it themselves. It’s kind of bubblegum, sort of disco, sort of indie. It’s as if someone grabbed Neon Indian and adjusted their brightness, contrast and saturation.”
Happy Magazine

The release of ‘RUDE’ is demonstrative of the band’s still-present eclecticism, but a new facet of their artistry. The Montreals are chomping at the bit with this single, ready to capitalise on the momentum generated through 2018 with vigour and flair.

 ‘RUDE’ will be released on Friday November 30th 2018

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Author: Pete Wibberley

Internationally published photographer, editor of Adelaide Music Mag and freelance contributor to MNPR Magazine and The Rocker Rag.

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