SOMETIME SONNY introduces his debut album THANKS A MILLION with the melodic sounds of ‘SURGEONS’

After impressing industry and fans alike with the evocative ‘Have A Heart’ single earlier in 2018, Brisbane songwriter Sometime Sonny has returned with another melodic whopper of a tune in ‘Surgeons’! A natural storyteller, Sometime Sonny (moniker of artist Dave Campbell) has again worked his magic in weaving personal experience through a dreamy blend of indie-rock and added electronic elements.


Similarly to ‘Have A Heart’, the origins of ‘Surgeons’ come from a place of reflection for Campbell. Growing apart from your friends or at least, realising your priorities may be different to theirs, ‘Surgeons’ is an ode to wishing things were different.


“I wrote ‘Surgeons’ after coming home from a house party on the Gold Coast. I was expecting laid-back surfer vibes where I would be in my element having a couple of beers and some nice chats. But I didn’t realise most of these mates were starting to get into some harder drugs. Although I was tempted to give it a go, something held me back. With everyone having similar experiences that I couldn’t get on their level for, it was a sad and strange feeling to realise that perhaps I didn’t fit in with these mates anymore. I’m looking forward to the day when we can go back to surfing and having some good chats over beers.” Sometime Sonny




The new single from Sometime Sonny also marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter – the unveiling of his debut album, THANKS A MILLION. It’s a natural progression for Sometime Sonny, who has been delivering strong singles over the last year, but with this fully fledged collection of music, the portrait of who he is as a writer comes together beautifully.


Recorded and produced by longtime collaborator Hugh Middleton (Out With The In Studio), mixed by Alex L’Estrange and mastered by Matthew Redlich, Thanks A Million has seen Sometime Sonny come together with a dream powerhouse of Brisbane talent in bringing this album to life. At 11 tracks, the record is a journal of sorts for the songwriter as he let the unique and emotional sounds take full control on record to soundtrack some intensely personal lyricism.

“Although most artists aim for consistency/fluency on a record, often by recording each song in a block of recording days, I was hoping to capture unique stories, emotions and sounds from separate events throughout the year. To achieve this, every song was recorded shortly after it was written (often months from one recording to another). I think this gives the album a lot of character and mixes things up for anyone listening. It acts as my own personal diary for the year and all the memories it recounts are super special to me.” Sometime Sonny




“You’ve taken us on a rollercoaster ride here – there’s a more sombre start, some rebirth and positivity and then that swirling end is the double loop de loop my stomach wasn’t looking forward to but actually loved.”

Triple J, Declan Byrne (‘Have A Heart’, 2018)


“That sound is so full, it carries you all the way through. I’m so glad I listened to this.”

Triple J Unearthed, Claire Mooney (‘Like Everybody Else’, 2018)


“Undeniably we can all relate to Campbell’s lyrics. But, the one characteristic about Sometime Sonny that captivates us enough to keep listening is the overwhelmingly beautiful composition.”

Happy Magazine


“Through a hazy blend of dreamy indie-rock sounds and assured lyricism, he’s garnered plenty of fans in his home town, and expansion seems a foregone conclusion at this point.”



2018 has been huge for Sometime Sonny on the live front too, with shows supporting the likes of Last Dinosaurs, Hein Cooper and Olympia bringing him to more and more newcomers. Before this year is out, Sometime Sonny will be back on stage in Brisbane, supporting fellow hometown hero Tia Gostelow at the Black Bear Lodge.



Friday November 16th Black Bear Lodge Brisbane

Supporting Tia Gostelow


Author: Pete Wibberley

Internationally published photographer, editor of Adelaide Music Mag and freelance contributor to MNPR Magazine and The Rocker Rag.

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