BEN WRIGHT SMITH Announces the first installment of a new EP trilogy, in PSYCHOTROPICAL

It has been a busy year for Melbourne’s Ben Wright Smith. Since the release of his acclaimed single ‘Storm Boy’, the songwriter has been furiously working on ascending to the top of his next crowning achievement – the PSYCHOTROPICAL trilogy.

This new EP series will see Wright Smith releasing new music into next year, with the three EP’s culminating in a new album, to be released on vinyl in 2019. The first of the trilogy – PSYCHOTROPICAL – is a sonically rich collection of music that further expands on the radiant tones listeners heard on ‘Storm Boy’ in August.

Across four tracks, PSYCHOTROPICAL revels in strong songwriting and excellent recording and production quality, courtesy of David Turner SOUNDPARK (Courtney Barnett, Paul Kelly) and Oscar Dawson THE AVIARY (Aley Lahey, Ali Barter). Having cut his teeth on London’s indie punk scene in 2005 and 2006, Turner’s production prowess as seen him work more recently with bands including Crepes and The Delta Riggs. Lead single ‘Everyone Wants What Is Mine’ saw Wright Smith reconnecting with Dawson, an effort that saw the songwriter’s already present musicality elevated on record.

As the song twists and weaves together textured guitar with Wright Smith’s enticing vocals, ‘Everyone Wants What Is Mine’ marks another strong step forward and leads the listener into a vibrant and sonically rich playground of sounds that has formed PSYCHOTROPICAL. ‘This stuff I think breaks into a new level of honestly that I don’t think I’ve ever quite been able to grasp in the music I was making’ – Ben Wright Smith

Throughout PSYCHOTROPICAL, Wright Smith mixes textured guitar lines with glorious melodies. Proving once more his talent for producing beauty within the indie folk details, Wright Smith’s musical output further positions himself as an artist to watch flourish.

Where ‘Storm Boy’ marked a stunning and vibrant return this year, PSYCHOTROPICAL stands tall as a promising new era for Wright Smith, particularly following his acclaimed 2017 debut album, THE GREAT DIVORCE. Singles ‘Sand Grabber’ and ‘No One’ chimed well with Triple J, with both being added to high rotation, while the latter earned an APRA Award nomination in the Blues & Roots category in 2016. The album propelled Wright Smith successfully onto the radars of fans in the United States, as it entered the Top 30 Charts and achieved high rotation on 30+ American College Radio stations, while at home, The Great Divorce received rotation on over 20 Australian radio stations.


“Melbourne songwriter Ben Wright Smith dishes the ‘70’s-infused Americana vibes on his fresh indie folk hymn, ‘Storm Boy’.”
MusicFeeds (‘Storm Boy’, 2018)

“It is upbeat Aussie guitar rock at its finest with Ben’s earthy lyrics married to a catchy-as-hell melody. If ya toe ain’t tapping, check your pulse. Serious.”
Scenestr (‘Storm Boy’, 2018)

“This track sounds like a bloody ray of sunshine! So warm and radiant. Great to hear from you again.”
Triple J, Bridget Hustwaite (‘Storm Boy’, 2018)

“Love the way your voice follows the guitar lines. What a glorious tune.”
Triple J Unearthed, Tommy Faith (‘Storm Boy’, 2018)

“Amongst limber lo-fi drums, grassfed indie-folk harmonies, blithe guitar and Smith’s typically sunny delivery, this effort from the Melbourne musician celebrates an appreciation for the natural world that’s a little bit Ape Man, if you listen in.”
STACK Magazine (‘Storm Boy’, 2018)

If this previous success is anything to go by, the PSYCHOTROPICAL series has some very exciting results in store.

PSYCHOTROPICAL is released Friday November 9th 2018

Author: Pete Wibberley

Internationally published photographer, editor of Adelaide Music Mag and freelance contributor to MNPR Magazine and The Rocker Rag.

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