IVEY explore new indie territory and thrive with new EP GORGEOUS

The road to success for Gold Coast five piece IVEY has been one littered with many achievements. Since landing a spot on Triple J Unearthed’s ‘Distinguished Achievers’ list for 2015, the then-teenage group were quick to release their debut EP Cascade. The success of the EP and the support IVEY received on Triple J established the band as one to watch, and it wasn’t long before they were supporting the likes of Confidence Man and Ocean Alley, as well as showcasing during ARIA Week events in 2016 and landing a lucrative spot as a ‘Discover Artist’ on Channel V. Through this string of early successes, IVEY have flourished as a live unit, becoming a beloved touring band that has been quick to join Queensland’s fine league of indie pop musicians. Now, the band returns with some of their finest new music yet, in sophomore EP GORGEOUS.

Bristling with melody, a refined pop songwriting knack and a confidence in delivery that has come from their last few years not just on the road, but in various studio sessions, Gorgeousis IVEY’s latest step into the spotlight and represents a young band operating at their most dynamic yet.


Ushering in a new phase for IVEY, the band was aided through the making of Gorgeous by producer Konstantin Kersting (The Jungle GiantsTia Gostelow, Mallrat). Keeping that distinctive Queensland indie flavour throughout the entire process, Gorgeous came to life out of Brisbane’s Airlock Studios.

Gorgeous shines not simply in its instrumentation, but its continued drive to explore the genre IVEY first became synonymous with upon their breakthrough back in 2015. Life, as it does, has a way of affecting a band’s creative outlook and with Gorgeous, IVEY found themselves in an exciting and creatively rich space, “Gorgeous is our most collaborative effort to date. We have bonded over the songwriting process more so than ever before, and sonically we are right where we want to be; experimenting with new sounds, production techniques and new ways of writing.” IVEY

Since Cascade and their more recent single releases in ‘Out Of Time’ and ‘Always’ have further landed IVEY in the embraces of Triple J, community radio, Spotify playlisters and Australian music blogs alike, IVEY release Gorgeous with fresh confidence in their craft moving forward. Continuing to build on their reputation as one of Australia’s most exciting indie bands, Gorgeous is set to be a defining marker for IVEY’s audience, as much as it already is for the band. “Without realising it, the songs all carry a theme of reflective animosity – the juxtaposition of writing about past relationship from current relationships and we are so thrilled to finally put out another body of work. This is just the beginning of a new era for us.” IVEY

Premiering lead single ‘WON’T BE’ on Triple J’s Home and Hosed this month has brought IVEY back to the fore; the irresistible riffs and indie hooks solidifying the band’s resolve seen throughout the rest of the Gorgeous EP. Working out of Lachlan McGuffie’s house and directed by the man himself, the music video for ‘Won’t Be’ takes a satirical turn in presenting a unique take on relationships, particularly relationships in today’s modern, technology-dominated age. “The video is a satire film clip; using playful scenes to constructively critique one’s own place in the world. Being alone amongst money, being surrounded by others, but only through a screen. It’s a DIY take on modern relationships; the brain, the heart and the technology. With odes to indie film clips from the mid-2000’s, we created a film clip that flows, feels and questions.”


Ivey – Won’t Be (Official Music Video)



“Ivey honing in on that catchy sing-along choruses they’re all so good at creating…”I think you’re kinda boring”…That line just won’t get out of my head!”
Triple J Unearthed, Claire Mooney (‘Always’)

“Another indie gem bursting with energy and fun. Who could possibly stand still to this?” 
Triple J, Bridget Hustwaite (‘Out Of Time’)

“…filled with grooving guitar riffs giving off coastal vibes, the heartfelt tune feels every bit the adorable indie rock tune coming from IVEY, in the same way we love San Cisco.” 
AAA Backstage (‘Last Week’)

“Birthed after an emotional break up it doesn’t rely on anything more than its honest lyrical and vocal delivery, matched with IVEY’s upbeat tropical pop sensibilities, reminiscent of contemporaries San Cisco, Hungry Kids of Hungary and Of Monsters and Men.”
Life Music Media (‘Smell Of Smoke’)

“…one that packs an upbeat tropical punch that doesn’t take itself too seriously, whilst also showing a maturity and honesty more seasoned artists would die for.”
Pilerats (‘Smell Of Smoke’)

Familiar with packed rooms and enthusiastic crowds, IVEY are heading out on the road once more for 2018, bringing Gorgeous to life for the first time. Having cut their teeth on stages supporting the likes of MontaigneMiddle KidsRuby Fields and Cub Sport (just to name a few) and performing on this year’s Festival 2018 program as part of the 2018Commonwealth Games, IVEY have had the opportunity to not only form a memorable live show, but they’ve also been able to craft a live atmosphere that stands strong alongside that of their peers’.

Jam packed with fun, charm and a wicked performance style, IVEY have a clocked an impressive win with the creation of Gorgeous. Now, find out how it goes down live.


Friday 26 October Black Bear Lodge Brisbane

Friday 2 November West Thebarton Hotel Adelaide
Free Entry

Saturday 3 November Gasometer (Upstairs) Melbourne

Saturday 8 December Waywards Sydney

Sunday 9 December North Gong Hotel Wollongong
Free Entry

Saturday 22 December End of Year Party Vol. 2 Gold Coast

Author: Pete Wibberley

Internationally published photographer, editor of Adelaide Music Mag and freelance contributor to MNPR Magazine and The Rocker Rag.

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