HAVE/HOLD channel unbridled emotion and vulnerability with new album WE ARE A GHOST NOW, YOU & I

Powered by impassioned vocals, soaring guitars and a rhythmic pulse that remains strong at its core, the new album from Melbourne’s HAVE/HOLD presents itself as a fitting snapshot of the band today: reinvigorated, wide-eyed and raring to thrive.

WE ARE A GHOST NOW, YOU & I – as a sophomore album – stirs instantly. There is a sense of yearning and desire within the lyrics, while musically, the band inject intense emotion into each riff, progression and melody. Have/Hold’s sound has been refined over the last two years of touring, writing and laying down new ideas; the development of their creative output shines with this record. Emerging triumphant from their studio sessions last year, Have/Hold have rewritten their own rule book and in We Are A Ghost Now, You & I they stand strong behind some powerful moments of music that flits easily between the indie and post rock worlds.


Engineered and mixed out of The Aviary, Newmarket and Woodstock Studios in Melbourne, We Are A Ghost… has the touch of Greg Rietwyk, Simon Cotter and Charlie Mann threaded throughout. Continuing to oscillate between the almost melodic hardcore, and the smoother pace of indie rock, the way the album has been produced and mixed makes each transition seamless. “We wanted this record to sound a lot more live and visceral than the last. Not in an angry and energetic sense, the songs themselves aren’t necessarily like that; but like you’re listening to the parts breathing and bleeding and melting into one big noise in the same room as you. Greg Rietwyk really understood what we were trying to achieve and did an awesome job of capturing it. The layout of the rooms at Woodstock Studios was the perfect environment.” Have/Hold

As with previous Have/Hold releases, the band shows that they are unafraid of plunging themselves into moments on increased tension and drama. ‘Pictures of the Seventies’, ‘Lighthousekeeping’ and lead single, ‘Keepsake’, are all examples of the almost Radiohead-esque tones Have/Hold flourish on record. Vocalist Luke Shields wails as if his heart is aching, sounding like a fusion of Jeff Buckley and La Dispute’s Jordan Dreyer. Captivating, emotionally-wrecking, Shields sings and leads from the heart with confidence. “‘Keepsake’ is by far the song that took the longest to gestate. It’s the simplest song as far as parts and structure goes, but we really had to wrestle with it to get it to behave and sit well in amongst the other songs. We originally wrote ‘Keepsake’ as a cold opener, an overture to the main body of the album, but it became a lot more than that. It almost has a little bag of tricks of its own and people seem to respond well to its simplicity and assertiveness.” Luke Shields


“As the band explores the boundaries surrounding alternative, nearly ‘art’ rock, they’re breaking away from crashing, heavier sections, instead building tension through lamentation and sheer dramatic finesse.”
The AU Review (‘The Bells’, 2017)

“Leave all expectations at the door, because this debut album somehow manages to appeal to fans of light to heavy, all the same.”
Kill Your Stereo (‘King Salt’, 2015)

“The band has a concrete sense of musical identity, which simultaneously echoes their influences, and steadfastly refuses to imitate them. Across 11 vibrant track, the hallmarks of groups like Brand New, The National, Arcade Fire and The Casket Lottery are hinted at, yet re-invigorated by the band into a refreshing sound of their own design.”
Punknews.org (‘King Salt’, 2015)

“Full of restrained power, it’s great to see another side to you guys. One that is stripped back and full of raw emotion.”
Triple J Unearthed, Claire Mooney (‘The Bells’, 2017)

“This is a heartfelt wintery affair…”
Triple J, Declan Byrne (‘The Bells’, 2017)

“Building on stirring vocals, classic indie guitar riffs and a stadium rock worthy rhythm section, King Salt draws from an eclectic sleeve of influences, including Silversun Pickups, Manchester Orchestra, Restorations and The Hotelier, while still maintaining the band’s signature sound.”
ToneDeaf (‘King Salt’, 2015)

Have/Hold’s reputation as a live band has long preceded them. Beloved locally for their talented knack in harnessing creative fury and channeling it through a tight, powerful live show, the band have since been able to debut their sounds internationally, notably a successful American tour off the back of their acclaimed debut album, King Salt. Having shared stages with the likes of We Lost The Sea, Balance & Composure and Say Anything, as well as festival bills with The Hotelier and Title Fight, Have/Hold quickly established themselves in their league of peers as an Australian band to watch.

Perfectly demonstrated on album track ‘Dear Sun’, Have/Hold’s way of traversing sonic territory laden with heavy emotion and layered instrumentation is one that is irresistible to watch and listen to, as a music fan. Pouring their all into the delivery of earnest, emotionally-wracking lyricism, Have/Hold’s weighted musicianship is highlighted at various points on We Are A Ghost…, as this video for ‘Dear Sun’ proves.

Dear sun – youtube video


Ready to take this new album to the next level live, Have/Hold will be holding a special album launch party in Melbourne to celebrate, supported by Grand Pine and Romeo Moon, before hitting the road for an extensive album tour in the New Year.


Saturday 3rd November Brunswick Mechanics Institute Melbourne
with Grand Pine, Romeo Moon 

Friday 4th January Crown & Anchor Hotel Adelaide

Saturday 5th January The Gasometer Melbourne

Thursday 10th January The Brisbane Hotel Hobart

Friday 11th January The Gunners Arms Launceston

Saturday 19th January Bloodhound Bar Brisbane

Thursday 24th January Rad Bar Wollongong 

Friday 25th January The Hamilton Station Hotel Newcastle

Sunday 27th January The Phoenix Bar Canberra

Author: Pete Wibberley

Internationally published photographer, editor of Adelaide Music Mag and freelance contributor to MNPR Magazine and The Rocker Rag.

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