SUNROSE: Revel in feverish psych-rock goodness with new EP ‘STRAWBERRY WINE’

Continuing to twist and weave their way through a soundscape full of heady, energetic psychedelic rock, Byron Bay’s Sunrose have developed some of their strongest material yet on their new EP, Strawberry Wine, premiering with Happy this week.

Guitar progressions whirl and hum around a rollicking partnership percussion and bass, while a hypnotic lead vocal courtesy of Nick Bampton ensures that the listener’s journey through the five track record is a vibrant, intoxicating one.


Since 2016, the four piece have been developing their craft, met with acclaim from all areas of the local east coast scene; debut EP Cosmic Horizon introducing Sunrose as purveyors of enigmatic and emotive melodies. With the release of Strawberry Wine, the band has finessed their grasp on the psych genre in producing a collection of music that boasts slick production and an artistry that has flourished beautifully over the last 12 months.

“It was such a fun process writing and recording this EP,” the band says. “Some songs were raw and quick like ‘Takes Two’, which was recorded straight after we wrote it and really helped capture that wilder energy, while other songs like ‘Into a Dream’ were sculpted and refined and more thought out. Being able to record ‘Strawberry Wine’ ourselves at Julian’s studio, we were able to spend more time on it to achieve our own vision and to get that exact analog crunch we were after. It’s a very live, fun and energetic EP that rolls through a psychedelic trip.”

From EP opener ‘Into a Dream’, through to the captivating ‘Road to Nowhere’ and title track ‘Strawberry Wine’, Sunrose execute an enthusiasm for music that has heart and flavour of its own. Taking earlier sonic foundations introduced over the last two years and further expanding them, exploring sonic boundaries and pushing them with boundless ambition and curiosity, Sunrose have mark this next chapter of their career with a striking flair.

“The new EP drips with swirling vocal melodies and infectious grooves that will seep into your bones.” – Happy
“A fun, twisted psych sandwich.” – Triple J, Declan Byrne (‘Takes Two’, 2018)

“This pleases me a great deal. This is some really straight up, boy next door psych rock.”
– Triple J, Dave Ruby Howe (‘Fever’, 2017)

“It showcases the young group’s accomplished musicianship and definitely leaves you wanting more.” – Tone Deaf (‘Sleepwalking’, 2016)

“I can see a band like this procuring a diverse and cult-like following.” – Divide and Conquer

Sunrose will be taking Strawberry Wine on the road this month and through July, hitting venues down the east coast in reconnecting with their growing loyal fan base and no doubt, welcoming new ones to the fold along the way.


Saturday June 16th The Northern Byron Bay
w/ Violent Monks, Seaside, Rory O’Neil
Free Entry

Sunday June 24th Miami Shark Bar Gold Coast
w/ Hobo Magic, Narla, Velvet Trip, Ultraviolet Fuzz
$5 Entry

Wednesday June 27th SOSUEME @ Beach Road HotelBondi
Free Entry

Friday June 29th The Rails Byron Bay
Free Entry

Thursday 5th July The Zoo Brisbane
$5 Entry

Sunday July 8th Frankie’s Pizza Sydney
w/ Radio Moscow, The Persian Drugs, Devil Electric and Pieces of Molly
Free Entry

Friday July 27th Miami Marketta Gold Coast
$20 Entry

Strawberry Wine is out now!

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