HIDEOUS SUN DEMON Return with career defining new album ‘FAME, EROTIC, DREAM’

When music fans were first hit with the impulsive, chaotic notes of ‘Hard Out’ for the first time last year, Hideous Sun Demon had demonstrated the perfect blend of bombastic energy and refined psych-punk that has been years in development. Fast forward to earlier this month, which saw the blistering new single – ‘Antithesis’ – land with fans and newcomers to the Hideous Sun Demon sound. A taster of what was to come from the band’s forthcoming third studio record and now, fans will be introduced to the full menu, with the release of ‘FAME, EROTIC, DREAM’.

The foundations already laid by the band on previous releases Industry Connections (2016) and Sweat (2013) have been impressively built upon with this new collection of material; the WA trio have gone further in exploring some blistering soundscapes, all the while upping their artistry and talent as instrumentalists. “Fame, Erotic, Dream is our attempt at creating a sonically richer record whilst maintaining our DIY garage energy. We’ve gotten a lot closer to what we want to sound like on this record.” – Hideous Sun Demon


The pace is relentless throughout, mirroring the upward trajectory that Hideous Sun Demon’s profile has rocketed since their fiery debut in 2013. While bands like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard may hold things down for the thriving psych communities on the East Coast, the music Hideous Sun Demon have been making has pushed the envelope of the genre’s expectations out West; as multiple shows around the country have shown over the past few years, the group have elevated themselves from scrappy psych-punk kids, to a formidable force to be reckoned with.

“Hideous Sun Demon are an unstoppable machine, pumping out huge, crunchy riffs from every angle and barely stopping to take a breather.” – Tone Deaf (Industry Connections, 2016)

“The track, ‘Hard Out’, makes its mark straight out of the gate with frenetic drums and stabbing guitar disguising the sneaky psych vibes that explode towards the end of the song.” 
– The Music (‘Hard Out’, 2017)

“The group’s latest is an impulsive attack on ferocious psych-rock that spares no mortal in its destructive path.” – AAA Backstage (‘Hard Out’, 2017)

“With an uncanny knack for somehow encapsulating pure chaotic rock’n’roll energy within each and every release that is almost without peer in Australian music.”
 – Pilerats (‘Fame, Erotic Dream’, 2018) 

Explosive and rollicking, “Antithesis” is a great portrait of a young band kicking genre’s expectations in the teeth”. – The AU Review (‘Antithesis’, 2018) 

This new chapter Hideous Sun Demon hurtle into with the release of ‘FAME, EROTIC, DREAM’ is one marked by rapid rhythms, irresistible melodies and a tight production quality that makes this record a career defining release for the band, as they look ahead to a huge few months on the road, exploring the live bounds this collection of music can push.


Thursday August 2nd Ed Castle Adelaide
Friday August 3rd 
The Curtin Melbourne
Saturday August 4th 
Barwon Club Geelong
Thursday August 9th The Basement Canberra
Friday August 10th Rad Bar Wollongong
Saturday August 11th The Chippo Sydney
Wednesday August 15th 
SOSUEME Bondi Beach
Friday August 17th 
Miami Shark Bar Gold Coast
Saturday August 18th 
The Bearded Lady Brisbane
Thursday August 23rd 
Greenwood Bar Launceston
Friday August 24th 
The Brisbane Hotel Hobart
Saturday August 25th 
The Eastern Ballarat
Friday September 28th 
Settlers Tavern Margaret River
Saturday September 29th 
Mojo’s Perth

‘FAME, EROTIC, DREAM’ is released July 27th 2018

Author: Pete Wibberley

Internationally published photographer, editor of Adelaide Music Mag and freelance contributor to MNPR Magazine and The Rocker Rag.

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