Art rock trio ‘ATTONBITUS’ document their emotional highs and lows on debut album ‘DAVID STREET’

The members of Attionbitus – Shivon Diana (bass), Alex Walendy (drums), and Michael Brigante (vocals, guitar)met whilst studying at the Conservatorium of Music at Adelaide University. Since then they have been collaborating and experimenting together musically, wrangling their own spin on Art Rock. They have released a variety of singles over the past few months, including “Cognition“, “What You Do” and their current single “Next Time Around“.

During 2017 the band began recording their debut album, David Street with longtime friend and producer, Nick Gates at his newly developed recording studio “Moon 33 Studios”. The album fuses music and poetry to create a compelling aural experience, hinting at a multitude of genre influences including prog, art-rock, and reggae. It is a compilation of all the songs the band has been working on during their ongoing personal and musical development. Every track is written by Brigante and documents the emotional highs and lows he experienced during his years living on David Street.

The songs also translate into captivating and visceral live performances which you can see in action here. Watching this live performance it’s easy to see how Brigante has begun to make a name for himself amongst the Adelaide slam poetry community. It’s a skill he puts to good use on the band’s debut album.

PRESS PHOTO 2 - HORIZONTAL - Attonbitus - Next Time Around

David Street is a homage to all who have supported the band and sheds light on the many ways we cope under mental stress. It explores the journey of battling the doubts and fears of our own thoughts and how we must think for ourselves so we can do things in a way that’s right for us.

This album is quite a long emotional journey; I feel it’s a good representation of the transformation we have all gone through. It’s recognition of how our values change over time, and also exhibits the viscous and subtle inner dialogue I experience on a day-to-day basis. I spent too many sleepless nights writing for this album, and it was so worth it.” – Michael Brigante (vocals, guitar)

Most importantly the album shouts an overarching message of love and support for our friends and family.

Fun fact –  Attonbitus’ material has been synchronized to a video on the popular Mexican YouTube channel “Chicabo Wong” which has garnered them a large fanbase in Mexico!

Friday 3rd August – The Jade, Adelaide

 Supported by Filthy Lucre, Somnium and Rat Ta’ Mango

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