Meant to be played loud and belted out with a certain confidence and braggadocio, ‘FEEL IT AGAIN’ from Perth rock band J.F.K is the perfect antidote to anything sweet or playing it safe.

‘He only likes me when I’m there, you know I really shouldn’t care,’ Knox sings, giving ‘Feel It Again’ a slight contemplative edge, even when the music is rollicking through some insatiable, banging melodies and hooks. From the onset, frenetic guitar riffs take the reins, while lead vocalist James Knox charges forth with an urgency similar to the likes of Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist (The Hives), Elliott Hammond (The Delta Riggs) and James Bagshaw (Temples).


“‘Feel It Again’ is a fast paced, energetic Garage Rock banger reflecting my thoughts during a relationship. It’s about wondering if you’ll still feel the same about the person when everything goes wrong.” – J.F.K.

Though newcomers to J.F.K’s music will be struck by the band’s blazing approach to their latest single, fans who have been riding with the group since their debut EP Stages (2016) will welcome ‘Feel It Again’ as next logical step forward in the band’s ever growing body of work – a strong one, at that. Working with Andy Lawson at Perth’s Debaser Studio, J.F.K were able to reconnect with the collaborator who helped bring their acclaimed single ‘A Boy And A Boy’ to life.“Andy is such a great producer and is always so easy to work with so we were really keen to jump back in the studio with him, We’re recording with him again this month to do the last track on our EP coming out later this year!” – J.F.K

“Excellent new tune from this WA project. Dare you to not flail and shake with its energy.” 
Triple J, Declan Byrne (‘A Boy And A Boy’, 2017)

“It’s quite an impressive single, keeping this sound fresh and exciting by creating a unique blend of garage-rock, psych-rock and even a touch of Brit-pop, unlike anyone else in Australia.”
– Pilerats (‘Always’, 2017)

“Those who want a singalong melody, those who want to smash their head around and those who want to be blasted by a My Bloody Valentine-esque wall of sound will all find a friend in Lovers, for sure one of J.F.K’s most addictive jams to date.” – Hhhappy (‘Lovers’, 2017)

With their sophomore EP in the pipeline and well on its way towards release, J.F.K are readying themselves for a huge second half of the year. Already, they’ve been on the receiving end of positive press and acclaim, with the next few months set to have the band on the road around the country.


June 16th RTR FM Winter Music Festival Fremantle
July 5th Hidden Treasures Fremantle
August 31st Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar Melbourne 
September 1st  Botany View Hotel Sydney 

‘Feel It Again’ is released June 15th 2018

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