Australia’s largest school music participation program, Music: Count Us In (MCUI), is thrilled to announce that 2018’s music mentor is Justine Clarke – a face you will know from Play School and as the host of The Justine Clarke Show! Justine is an acclaimed performer of stage and screen and understands the power of music, especially as a tool for learning and educating young people.

On being the 2018 MCUI mentor, Justine says: “I’m thrilled to be part of this program that promotes music education, creativity and community in one loud and joyful song that’s heard right across the country!”

Earlier this year Justine joined five talented student songwriters from around the country, who came together to write this year’s MCUI song, ‘One Song’. A song for students, written by students. The songwriting workshop took place at Sydney’s Golden Retriever recording studio along with award winning MCUI Program ambassador John Foreman OAM, who is again at the helm offering expert guidance to the students.

This year’s lucky students are Abby Keenan from Victoria; Emma Jones from Wollongong, NSW; Sophia Chesworth from NSW and siblings Hazel and Roanna Law from Queensland.

MCUI is Australia’s largest school music advocacy and participation initiative, growing steadily since 2007. Every year students take part, for free, learning the song in the lead up to Celebration Day which sees students all around the country sing the same song, on the same day, at the same time.


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In 2017, MCUI saw more than 3,000 schools and over 660,000 students take part in the program, providing students and teachers with the opportunity to develop their music skills and simultaneously perform with schools around the country in a celebration of music.

Music: Count Us In is run by Music Australia and is currently supported by funding from The Australian Government until the end of 2018.

International research has demonstrated that children who learn music and arts have improved educational, social and personal outcomes – but currently in Australia 3 out of 4 children in Government primary schools have no music teachers at all. MCUI fills a critically important gap, playing a vital role in fostering music education in schools, with a presence in every state and territory in the country. It is internationally recognised as the world’s largest school music initiative. It offers students music participation and skill development, delivers much needed resources and training to teachers, accesses and supports regional and remote locations and special needs areas. Furthermore, teachers require no music experience to participate in the program, making it accessible to everyone.

Music Australia is a registered charity, to help ensure MCUI continues in future you can make a donation.  Even a donation as small as $25 makes an enormous difference. Donate HERE

Register now, for free, to get involved in 2018 and mark Thursday 1 November in your diary for Celebration Day and join over half a million students around the country in song.

Head to the website now to register your school and learn this year’s song ‘One Song’

This is such a wonderful way to get every student involved and singing, whether they are able to sing or not. It doesn’t matter as singing gives you the ability to make you happy and no one around you cares. Each year I am blown away by how impactful the songs are and each year the other staff are impressed with how the students are able to come together to sing a song without ever rehearsing together. It gives our school a great sense of community.” – Participating Teacher 2017 .


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