Jack Carty and Gus Gardiner warm up Adelaide’s Trinity Sessions

Trinity Sessions is one of the most unique venues within the Adelaide region. The acoustics are fantastic and the ambiance is perfect for intimate concerts such as this.

The night was cold and the venue handed out blankets for the audience to drape over their laps, a gesture which was accepted by many. The night may have been cold but the welcome at Trinity Sessions is always warm and inviting.

Local Adelaide Singer/Songwriter Delia Obst opened the night, delivering a captivating performance.

Obst has a clear, pure vocal tone that lends itself perfectly to the romantic ballads that she treated the small, but very appreciative audience to, and the crowd immediately warmed to her friendly, stage manner.

Delia Obst is one of those quiet, unassuming people who have an abundance of talent. Her songs of romance – and the sometimes complicated relationship roles we find ourselves in – are delivered with simple guitar chords but with an honest and powerful vocal passion which lifts each song to a new level.

This performance by Obst was the perfect warm up act, the beautiful vocals from one of Adelaide’s best singer/songwriters, thawed the crowd, warmed their hearts and left them eagerly awaiting the release of her forthcoming album.

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Jack Carty and Gus Gardiner are currently touring Australia with the launch of their new album ‘Hospital Hill‘. A tour which has taken in venues in Qld and Vic before Adelaide and then moves on to WA, ACT and NSW.

Resourcing the talents of local musicians to make up their string quartet. Carty and Gardiner treated the small audience to numbers from their new album. These arrangements, specifically for a string quartet, are nothing short of superb. But then one wouldn’t expect anything less from such masterful composers such as Carty and Gardiner.

The natural acoustics of the Trinity Sessions building perfectly conveys and enhances the seductive timbres of wooden instruments and when those instruments are played with such great skill, the experience is one to savour.

Carty shared the amusing story behind the inception of ‘Antipodes’ born from an encounter in the UK when he previously didn’t know the meaning of the word.

Carty has an impressive vocal range and the numbers chosen this night showed off that range to great effect. From the previously mentioned ‘Antipodes’ to ‘Kindness is a Dying art’ and ‘low in the Highlands’ the sublime interaction between Carty’s vocals and the string quartet was mesmerising. Gardiner’s arrangements fully explores those interactions, cleverly, at times subtle, but always perfectly.

Universe’ usually performed as a duo, was sung as a solo by Carty tonight. Another impressive exhibition of his vocal range. And again the beautiful accompaniment from Gardiner on cello was an incredible demonstration of classical and contemporary musicianship blending perfectly.

Not wanting to do the “traditional encore bit” Carty suggested they perform a “last song” and then do a couple more. Which brought applause and laughter from the crowd. ‘Stargazer’ was the designated “last song but not”

Travelling shoes’ is one of my favourite Jack Carty songs, it seems fitting that it portrays the role of the endless traveller which it seems Carty has become since leaving our shores.

It’s sad when Australia loses talent to overseas but it warms my heart to know that musicians such as Carty and Gardiner can gather inspiration from their travels and bring those experiences back for us in the Antipodes.


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