LUKE CARLINO Opens a strong new chapter with defining single ‘MINUTE’

Bringing delicately constructed soundscapes together with weighted hip hop and electronic production, Melbourne-via-Adelaide songwriter Luke Carlino has kicked the door down with new single, ‘Minute’. The release of ‘Minute’ marks a new phase of Carlino’s musicianship, as the songwriter makes further steps into a more complex and vibrant sonic space, working with acclaimed producers SixFour (VIIV) (Briggs, Hilltop Hoods, A.B. Original, Caiti Baker) on his forthcoming EP.


Premiering with tastemakers Purple Sneakers this week, ‘Minute’ shines in its intricacies; whether it is in Carlino’s almost fragile lead vocal melodies, or in the electronic sonic glitches that production duo VIIV have enhanced and injected a slick flair into, the listener is introduced to 3:19 minutes of music made to be absorbed and immersed in.

“’Minute’ started out as a live experimentation with vocal looping and grew into one of my favourite songs when SixFour and Daydream Fever came on board. It’s like my emotional, lo-fi club moment and a nice little precursor to my new EP.”
– Luke Carlino

Keen hip hop heads will notice a guest appearance by fellow Adelaide artist Daydream Fever, who threads a tight flow of rhymes through the track, complementing Carlino’s vocals in providing a strong partnership on record.


“With nods to the innovation of DD Dumbo and Big Scary, his songs of slowly constructed melodies expand from traditional pop and rock songwriting structures. Electronic beats and layered guitar-driven loops help build the intensity in each track, complimented by his emotive vocal style.”
– The Music

“As a singer songwriter, in my opinion, Luke Carlino could stand alongside Chet Faker, Hermitude and Flume – making radio songs that are highly listenable.” – B Side Magazine

“Carlino’s music has a raw emotionality that, when combined with his layered soundscapes, creates a hypnotic experience for the listener.” – Yewth Magazine

“Dabbling in both the realms of post-rock and R&B, Carlino has stood out for his blend of influences and an unique presentation of live music that has had a wide appeal.”
– the AU review

A popular songwriter and performer and previous South Australian Music Award nominee, Carlino’s recent move to Melbourne has already seen him perform alongside the likes ofCaiti Baker, while hosting his own residency at The Creator’s Lounge. The release of ‘Minute’ will see Carlino performing a string of shows through July and August to not only celebrate the new single and what’s to come on the very near horizon, but also to further introduce Luke Carlino to an east coast music community ready for this type of fresh new music.


Friday July 6th Some Velvet Morning Melbourne
w/ Zach Eichner

Wednesday July 11th The Tote Melbourne
w/ The Midwayers

Friday July 13th The Reverence Hotel Melbourne
w/ The Midwayers

Saturday July 14th Baha Bar Rye
w/ The Midwayers

Wednesday July 18th Horse Bazaar Melbourne
w/ Daydream Fever

Friday August 17th The Ed Castle Hotel Adelaide
w/ Daydream Fever, Rapaport

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