Local singer/songwriter/producer Dustin Tebbutt has announced plans to drop 5 new tracks across the remainder of 2018. The first – an infectious piece of ambient pop called “Love Is Blind” – will land today, June 15. The track will also mark his first release under a brand new deal with U.S. indie label, Anti-Fragile.

“‘Love Is Blind’ is a playful song about the lessons people can teach us through love, and how at the end of the day we don’t really have a lot of control over what happens in our lives,” says Dustin of the song. “For me it seems the best moments come along when we accept that fact, and kinda just focus on what’s happening right in front of us.”

Appetite for this succession of new songs is ripe given that Dustin is currently all over Triple J and streaming playlists as the featured vocalist and co-writer of “All Your Love” – the epic new single by Flight Facilities which amassed over 1 million streams in its debut week.

The accompanying video for “Love Is Blind” is also released today, and marks the second time Dustin has collaborated with acclaimed director Josh Harris from @welcomethemachines.

Dustin says: “I wanted to try something a bit different and just have a bit of fun with this clip… and as a bonus I got to conquer a minor fear while I was at it. I’ve always felt slightly awkward and uncomfortable on the dance floor, so when we were putting the concepts together that kind of vulnerability strangely seemed to align with the meaning of the song. The choreographer (Courtney Hale) and I spent the afternoon before the shoot rehearsing in the park across the road from my hotel, which must have looked like some weird form of tai chi? A huge thanks to Josh and his team, as well as the dancers from Transit Dance in Melbourne.”

You Tube video ‘Love Is Blind’

Dustin Tebbutt’s 2013 debut solo recording The Breach put him on the map and since then his evocative and intimate songs have continued to make waves globally. The Home EP (2015) and debut album First Light (2016) grew his worldwide audience to over 1.5 million monthly Spotify listeners and took him past an astounding 200+ million streams to date. In 2017, he crafted the APRA Award nominated “Atlas In Your Eye” for the Australian film adaptation of the iconic Australian novel, Jasper Jones as well as collaborating with chanteuse, Lisa Mitchell on a track and co-headlining national tour.

Later this year Dustin Tebbutt will return to touring both within Australia and internationally. Stay tuned for more.

‘Love Is Blind’ single out now



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