Natural Born Chillers Tour: The Bennies – Under the grill

All-round legends The Bennies are set to take their pumping new album Natural Born Chillers around the country next month.

This week we put The Bennies UNDER THE GRILL – We threw some questions in Anty Horgans direction, here’s what he threw back

You’ve just come straight from a 32 date tour through the Uk and Europe.

Q1 How exhausting was that tour, and what techniques do you have for coping with the pressures of touring?

“To be fair, it was so long and unreal that it just kinda gained a sweet momentum that we just rocked and roll’d with complete style and flair. My biggest technique is just remembering that during the day when its quiet – its good to kinda operate on half energy… i don’t need to be constantly yelling and screaming and jumping up and down…. also beers are sick.”

Q2 Which city did you enjoy playing the most? And why?

“I hate these questions – cos everywhere is beautiful and weird in its own unique way. IF i was to answer the question.. Antwerp was a lot of fun first show of tour and it was a complete crazy party and box out. a lot of fun”.

Q3 Were there any mishaps or blooper tales that you’d like to share with us?

“I got caught with my pants down in france. I had a shit.. but there was no toilet paper.. i walked out into the main area of the toilet with my pants at my ankles… and was greeted by 3 very attractive and serious looking french women who were not impressed with my lack of pants at all… they made me use air freshener all through the bathroom as well. that sucked.. oh la la”.

Q4 The new album is the shortest Bennies album to date, What was the thinking behind an 8 track album?

“We wanted to make a short little banger that left ya wanting more!”

Q5 How has Nick settled in on Bass? How steep a learning curve has it been for him?

“-He has been doing really well. its been unreal fun having some new energy kicking around. He has been all over the musical challenges… its more the partying that he needs to be worried about haha. A wild ride!”

Q6 After this Aussie tour, what are the plans for the band? And where do you want to be musically in 12 months’ time?

“We are gonna head off to a farm and write the best music that you will ever hear! We can’t wait to start phase 2 bennies and work out our new sound with the new lineup. Totally fucking pumped.”

Q7 What is the bands favourite song to play live?

“It changes all the time, although the song corruption always goes down a treat. We get to chill and rock out in it… there is nice space in the song that gives us time to be mindful, look up and take in the crowd.. but the song also allows for some impro, which keeps shit exciting.”

Q9 Why didn’t you notice there was no question 8?

“then what the fuck did i just answer?”

Q10 Apart from these questions – what are the dumbest, questions you’ve ever been asked by an Interviewer?

“what style of music do you play? or whats the name mean”


The Bennies kicked off the year with their eight-track release Natural Born Chillers, which was quickly picked up as Album Of The Week by The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald and garnered a massive 9/10 rating from Melbourne street press, Beat Magazine.The band just wrapped up a huge 32 date tour through Europe and The UK and following a quick recovery, they will be ready to jump straight back on the road, hitting Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia!

Watch the video for ‘Dreamkillers’ here:


w/ The Gooch Palms + Young Offenders
Wednesday June 27 – The Triffid, BRISBANE
Thursday June 28 – Shark Bar, GOLD COAST
Friday June 29 – Small Ballroom, NEWCASTLE*
Saturday June 30 – Factory Theatre, SYDNEY
Sunday July 1 – Uni Bar, WOLLONGONG
Thursday July 5 – Uni Bar, ADELAIDE
Friday July 6 – Howler, MELBOURNE*
Saturday July 7 – Worker’s Club, GEELONG
Sunday July 8 – Sooki Lounge, BELGRAVE
Friday July 13 – Saloon Bar, LAUNCESTON+
Saturday July 14 – Brisbane Hotel, HOBART+
Thursday July 26 – Mojos Bar, FREMANTLE#
Friday July 27 – Rosemount Hotel, PERTH#
Saturday July 28 – Dunsborough Tavern, DUNSBOROUGH#
* Gooch Palms not playing Melbourne or Newcastle
+Young Offenders not playing Hobart or Launceston
# Gooch Palms and Young Offenders not playing Fremantle, Perth and Dunsborough

Author: Pete Wibberley

Internationally published photographer, editor of Adelaide Music Mag and freelance contributor to MNPR Magazine and The Rocker Rag.

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