Gig review: FourPlay – At Adelaide’s Trinity Sessions

This string quartet, with members hailing from various states around Australia, lists their genre as “Electric string quartet; indie; world; folk; jazz; swing; electronic; post rock and experimental”. That list doesn’t seem to come close to describing the amazing array of sounds that these talented musicians produce. Using a varying collection of foot pedals which would make most modern rock bands envious and playing techniques that would make anyone jealous. They create some of the most breathtaking, soul lifting, heart wrenching and beguiling sounds you could imagine.

The venue for this concert was Adelaide’s Trinity Sessions.

“One of Adelaide’s best and unique concert venues. Set in the beautiful old Church of the Trinity on Goodwood Road, Clarence Park. The Trinity Sessions provides beautiful acoustics, comfortable seating for 200 in concert mode, creating a unique performance space for a wide variety of music.” “Beginning in 2002 it has become the place to perform in Adelaide; loved by artists and audiences. It is where people come to listen to the music.”

Sound production at the Trinity Sessions is excellent. The natural acoustics of this building adding to the timbre of the sound, but the Trinity Sessions sound engineers are masterful at their craft. The venue is run by Roger and Yvonne Freeman with an enthusiastic band of volunteers.

FourPlay gave a non-stop performance of around 90 minutes with all but two songs being original compositions. The quartet consists of Lara Goodridge – violin, vocals; Shenzo Gregorio – viola, vocals; Peter Hollo – cello, vocals and Tim Hollo – viola, vocals.

The band performed an amazing rendition of the Billie Holiday classic ‘God Bless the Child’ featuring the beautiful voice of Lara Goodridge. Goodridge has an enticing and captivating vocal delivery, her pure tone and vibrato perfectly blending with the viola accompaniments of Shenzo Gregorio and Tim Hollo.

Peter Hollo on cello, demonstrated a huge range of playing techniques throughout the night, and it was a joy to watch. As other members demonstrated their prolific technical abilities on their respective instruments, the band treated us to a smorgasbord of sounds and effects that both astounded and delighted the audience.

FourPlay’s commitment to environmental consciousness, is a running theme throughout their music, and the ‘#Stop Adani’* flags draped across the stage monitors were a visual reminder of that fact.

*The giant Adani coal mine proposal for the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland, which critics fear will have devastating and long lasting environmental effects.

Reminiscing about when the band found themselves stranded in a rising flood, after the 2016 East Coast Low produced torrential rain. Tim Hollo shared with the audience how his daughters’ fears for her father’s safety and her thoughts on climate change, led to the writing of the song ‘Wish’. Whilst ‘Mississippi Sinkhole’ from the 2014 Album ‘THIS MACHINE’ speaks to the environmental and social effects of mining.


Lara Goodridge shared with the audience, the bands love of Adelaide’s food, and food in general being the vehicle which steers the band. With dates still to play in Canberra, Melbourne, Katoomba in NSW and Berriedale in Tasmania. I for one, am glad they decided to include Adelaide on their list of tour dates for whatever reason. The food theme was a smooth, and playful segway to introduce ‘Butter girl’ from the 2009 album ‘FOURTHCOMING

After five studio albums and a double CD remix, the band could only treat us to a small sample of their large body of work in the 90 minutes we got to listen to them. But what a time it was.

This quartet has everything. Their interaction with the audience is friendly and relaxed and their musical prowess is second to none with the beautiful lead vocals of Goodridge and the vocal abilities of the other member’s rounding off what can only be described as an incredible experience.

With their latest single ‘Bound’ being the stated last number for the night, the audience wasn’t going to let them go without an encore, and they returned to the stage to perform the optimistic “Now to the Future’ with hopes that we, as a species, are able to create and maintain a better place.

One thing was certain, there was no better place to be than at Trinity Sessions last night.

Check out Fourplays Facebook page here

You can read about what these amazing musicians get up to out of FourPlay here




Author: Pete Wibberley

Internationally published photographer, editor of Adelaide Music Mag and freelance contributor to MNPR Magazine and The Rocker Rag.

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