Gig review: Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont: Play The Barn @ Wombat Flat

The Barn @ Wombat Flat was the incredible venue for this ‘Boots and All’ fundraiser concert, raising much needed cash via the ‘Mummy’s Wish’ and ‘Dreams 2 Live 4’ Charities, for patients suffering terminal cancer. All proceeds from the event went to this cause.

Boots and All FB page

Mummy’s Wish FB page

Dreams2live4 FB page


 The Barn is a converted Clydesdale horse stable, set in the idyllic South Australian countryside 30 minutes from the Barossa Valley. On a cold night the huge log fire inside, and fire pits outside, were very welcome additions.

The kids had their own space at the front of the stage which had bean bags for them to sit/lay on, and enjoy the performance. Much more comfortable than a mosh pit, this bean bag pit proved very popular.

Mousse, the resident, old, half blind, chocolate Labrador was on vacuum cleaner duties, visiting everyone in turn to check if they had left any food scraps. The eyes may not be as good as they were, but the nose was working well.

The Barn @ Wombat Flat FB site

Toyota Star Maker Winner of 2018, Brad Cox, opened the show giving a fine performance. This Snowy Mountain country/rock singer, has a powerful voice that lends itself perfectly to the raw untamed style of lyrics he delivers.

Treating the friendly crowd to songs from his debut self-titled album such as the poignant ‘Reflections’ which deals with addiction. To ‘Too Drunk to Drive’ which talks about just having a beer with mates. Brads accomplished, finger style guitar playing, and his mature vocals makes for an endearing performance. His performance of the cover ‘Whisky and You’ in the style of Chris Stapleton was fantastic.

His songs of life on the land were appreciated by the country crowd, and when he performed ‘Water on the Ground’ which talks about drought, there were more than a few nods of recognition from some of the farming community present.

Brad Cox’s FB Page


Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont were the headline act for this event.

This not so old, married couple, had the crowd in stitches with their anecdotes of married life and the trials and tribulations it has. They have a casual, friendly style and their banter with the crowd was very entertaining.

Adam Eckersley plays guitar like it’s a part of him. His lead work was nothing short of brilliant. His hand held harmonica playing and lead guitar work in the same song was his proof that “men could multitask”, which brought woops and cheers from the crowd, or at least the male members of it.

Brooke McClymont who is also one third of The McClymont’s country band, has a voice that can deliver a raunchy Honky Tonk style on such songs as ‘I’m not done with you just yet’ and then blend perfectly with Adam Eckersley’s huskier, rock n roll tones on their beautiful delivery of a love song such as ‘Lay with Me’. McClymont proves why she is one of Australia’s favourite female performers with her versatile and powerful vocal ability.

This duo, currently touring Australia with their “Highway Sky’ tour, have an exhausting schedule still ahead of them. So to take time out of that huge commitment to support this fundraiser, perfectly embodies what the country spirit is all about. That mateship and pulling together ethos, brings country people to events such as this.

The songs that Adam and Brooke shared from their aptly titled ‘Adam and Brooke’ album, are songs of love and life. ‘So Smooth’ was introduced as a fitting description of Adam’s style when trying to court Brooke, which brought much laughter from the crowd, (and Brooke). The song ‘Nothing Left to Win’ is the story of a cheating spouse and the lasting hurt it creates. ‘Not How I Feel’ deals with the opposing feelings of love/hate after a domestic fight. ‘Highway Sky’ talks of missing loved ones while on the road. While ‘Love on the Loose’ and ‘Train Wreck’ deal with the emotional roller coaster that love is.

The pair sang a customised version of the Janis Joplin classic, ‘Mercedes Benz’, substituting their own, big ticket item, wish list. This went down really well and led to many suggestions from the crowd for list inclusions.

The vocal blend of Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont is one made in heaven. Their harmonies are sensational and their shared lead vocals, perfectly highlight each performer’s abilities.

They didn’t leave the stage at the end of their set to wait for the inevitable call for an encore. Amusingly the swivel chairs they sat on, gave them the ability to slowly rotate away from the crowd -whilst waving goodbye-  and then ‘come back around’ for the encore. It was possibly the quaintest and most amusing way of (not) leaving the stage, that I’ve seen.

This event was perfect in every way. The location, the venue, the support act Brad Cox and the fantastic performance from Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont.

And of course Mousse.

Adam and Brookes FB page

Tour Dates for the Highway Sky Tour


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  1. Thanks so much for coming along Pete Wibberley! Was trying to get a minute to chat to you but I was flat out keeping the fires going and every other thing! Mousse (as in Chocolate labrador) enjoyed her cameo appearance in the write up too. She’s never been allowed to scrounge but at 14 years of age her parents sometimes turn a blind eye! Thanks mate, please come back! Happy to talk to you sometime about the venue itself, how all this came about, a bit of history, whatever. Cheers,
    Mike Roberts


  2. Hi Pete, meant to ask if I can have permission to use any of these pics on our website – crediting you, of course.Thanks.


  3. Of course Mike. Feel free to use any you wish Regards Pete.


  4. Thanks Pete. Mousse offered to share a leftover sausage with you next time! Some interesting shows coming up. Are you mainly focussed on country music or do you cover other genres as well? Happy to let you know what’s happening so you can choose what you’d like to see. I’m about to make some changes to what you see on the website today which may interest you. Cheers,


    • Hi Mike I cover all genres of music always happy to cover shows for artists, PR companies or venues. Spreading the word about the great music around SA is exactly what Adelaide Music Mag is all about 😁


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