Gig review: Jeremy Loops rocks Adelaide.

Fowlers Live – The historic ex flour factory, was the venue for Jeremy Loops’ Adelaide gig. This iconic building has now been hosting live music events for the last 20 years in the heart of Adelaide.

Alt/folk/pop outfit Woodlock were the opening act. Hailing from Melbourne they’re comprised of brothers Ezekiel and Zechariah Walters, both on Guitar/Vocal duties with Bowen Percell on Percussion.

Woodlock produced a strong, energetic and creative live performance with a full rich sound which had the crowd immediately joining in. The guys are comfortable and friendly on stage with smiles and friendly banter being exchanged between band members throughout their set.

A polished band with a great sound and versatile musicians. Check out Woodlock’s website and Facebook page



South African contemporary singer/songwriter Jeremy Loops, played Adelaide’s Fowlers Live as part of his ‘CRITICAL AS WATER’ tour on Wednesday 23rd May 2018.

The Australian and New Zealand shows are part of a massive global tour with 27 shows across ten countries, kicking off in March to celebrate the album’s release and winding its way through Europe, the UK, the US, Canada and finally Australia and New Zealand in May.

Following on from the enormous success of his 2014 hit album ‘Trading change’ Loops released his latest offering ‘Critical as Water’ Produced by Will Hicks (Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’, Lilly Allen, Bastille), with additional production contributions by Jake Gosling (James Bay, The Libertines, Shawn Mendes).

Jeremy Loops last played in Australia in 2016, gaining many fans from this side of the world. Adelaide missed out on seeing him on that tour, so the crowd were extra pumped that he had included the South Oz capital city in this tour.

Loops treated the small but energetic crowd to numbers from both his albums. Ably backed on stage by Mr Sakitumi on bass guitar, the brilliant Hiram Koopman on keys and Sax and Devin Jones on Drums. He was joined onstage for some numbers by chilled out rapper Motheo Moleko. This outfit moved as one, every member of the band – apart from the drummer of course- moved around the stage in an energetic, bouncing dance that was infectious and endearing. It’s impossible to stand still at a Jeremy Loops concert, that rhythmic beat gets into your very soul.

Sharing with the crowd how his latest album came into being, loops told of his fears and feeling of pressure to create that difficult second album ‘Critical as Water’, one which would stand up alongside ‘Trading Change’.

Introducing ‘Underwater Blues’ as the song which created a turning point for him and the pivotal song for the “Critical as Water’ album. Loops showed a vulnerability that only served to further endear this talented man to the crowd.

Loops started ‘Higher Stakes’ alone on stage with just his acoustic guitar, a move which hushed the room to an eerie silence as the crowd hung on every word, until the band re-joined him on stage for the fuller second half of the song, which had the whole room jumping.

This is one talented guy, he held the whole place in the palm of his hand and the crowd loved every minute of his performance. The sound was fantastic and the atmosphere was friendly and energetic.

Loops, as his name suggests, uses a loop machine at various times on stage creating some incredible layered sounds. With microphones strategically placed to pick up the crowd, he blends their singing into his loop machine to produce an audience participation experience that is extra special to each event.

As the night drew to a close, the crowd bounced higher and higher and cheered louder and louder.

Gold’ was the song that was intended to be the last of the night but Loops was called back on stage for an encore by raucous cheers and clapping that he just couldn’t ignore.

Standing alone again on stage for the encore, Loops playfully broke into the Dirty Dancing theme ‘The Time of my life’ which brought huge laughter from the crowd before the rest of the band joined him onstage again for “I wrote this song for you’ complete with audience participation vocals.

Anyone who has attended a Jeremy loops gig can’t fail to be moved by the rhythm, the honesty and the sheer enjoyment brought by loops and his band.

If he comes to your town and you miss him, you only have yourself to blame.

Jeremy Loops Facebook page 

And web site


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