THE TERRIFYING LOWS: Brings fresh pop grunge energy to the fore with ‘COOL WITH IT’

For Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Tyler Millott, creating music that shines with its own identity has been at the centre of his artistry from day one. Exploring these threads of inspiration and creativity has brought Millott here, the reveal of his new project,
The Terrifying Lows.
Debut single ‘Cool With It’ is a powerful step into the spotlight for Millott. Electric guitar comes together with well-crafted melodic grunge that has a smooth edge felt with each listen. There’s urgent energy driving ‘Cool With It’, as Millott addresses the the toxicity of a relationship that needs to be examined.“It gets so hard to be cool with it,” Millott sings, a sense of relatability washing over as the gritty, raw nature of the music provides an avenue for the listener to connect instantly.


As one of the city’s most accomplished musicians on the road at present, Millott has been honing his talents on stages playing bass for the likes of Ali Barter, while also recording and touring with Husky, Gretta Ray and Ben Wright Smith.

“The whole song came out very quickly because I think I had something to get off my chest. I was walking around my backyard singing the chorus, and I realised it was an original idea, and it just stemmed from there. It was a classic case of the song being written at the last minute, coming out very naturally and very quickly (within the space of 10 minutes). I realised it was probably one of my better songs. It just hit home.” – Tyler Millott

The Terrifying Lows will launch ‘Cool With It’ in Melbourne at The Workers Club on June 7th, supported by Girlatones and Francesca Gonzalez (solo). Millott performs alongside Andrew Braidner and Fabien Hunter as he embarks on this new journey as The Terrifying Lows – terrifying may be in the name but make no mistake, exciting highs are on the horizon.

June 7th Workers Club MELBOURNE
with Girlatones and Francesca Gonzalez (solo)
Tickets available via Oztix

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