AMVN Releases touching Mother’s Day tribute with official music video for ‘MAMA DON’T WORRY’

Premiering with Tone Deaf on Mother’s Day, Melbourne hip hop artist AMVN reveals the music video for his debut single, ‘Mama Don’t Worry’. The song serves as a sweet dedication to AMVN’s mother and by extension, all mothers and women who have put in incredible efforts into being the best they can be, as well as raising families in a variety of different living environments.

‘Mama Don’t Worry’ highlights the strength of the feminine and as the music video indicates, the strength of women who battle through abusive and turbulent home situations to ensure their children are safe and brought up in an ultimately healthy household.


“It’s important that we appreciate women and that we appreciate the amount of effort they put in, especially mothers, just to make our lives that much better. I want to acknowledge my mother and the struggles she went through to take care of us.” – AMVN

The video follows AMVN as he makes his way to his mother’s house to surprise her with flowers and choir on her doorstep, an emotional surprise that is sure to pull at the heartstrings of anyone who watches. Captured on film by the crew at RMR Productions and FO Productions, ‘Mama Don’t Worry’ is a touching tribute to those who have done so much for often, no reward.

“Your mum must be so stoked as hell every time she hits play on this one. Mega sweet and the talent to back up the vision. This is great.” – triple j Unearthed, Tommy Faith

‘Mama Don’t Worry’ is out now

Author: Pete Wibberley

Internationally published photographer, editor of Adelaide Music Mag and freelance contributor to MNPR Magazine and The Rocker Rag.

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