HEN Explores femininity in all its complexities with music video for ‘IN RED’

Hot off the back of the release of her single ‘In Red’, Adelaide artist HEN has continued to explore the song’s rich and fun themes on screen with the unveiling of the official music video. Turning the usually objectified images of women on screen on their head, director Emily McAllan presents a fun heist narrative that also depicts the real intimacies of two women in love.

Filmed out at The Manor Estate in Kangarilla and in Willunga, South Australia, the music video depicts the ‘Woman in Red’ trope without the male gaze that so often, visual representations are formed through. Featuring Hen herself and Rhiannon Pulford, the ‘In Red’ music video appears in contrast to the song itself, branching out and further exploring a different story while very much keeping the core theme of female empowerment in play.

“This song has so much life in it and I wanted the clip to reflect that. I also wanted it to be a real exploration of complex female characters.” Hen explains. “While the song itself details one ‘Woman in Red’ from a specific perspective, I wanted the clip to be broader so I chose to follow a different story than the words paint. In this clip, we see two badass women who are in love pulling off an elaborate heist. It was really important to me that this clip looked at real love and showed a female same sex couple in a realistic light.”


“I came out as Bi a few years ago after many years of pretending to myself. Those years of not accepting myself were awful, I wish I’d been able to see representation like this growing up! Maybe it would have helped me to be confident in my whole self a lot earlier. It feels amazing to be able to make something like this with a director like Emily who is also Queer and to be able to put something out there together that I feel is beautiful and positive.”

In Red’ has been enjoying a positive response since its release just last week. Expect to see more from this confident vocalist in coming months, Hen is only just getting started.







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