Gig review: Dr Feelgood delivers a dose of great music

The doctor was in the house last night and everyone felt so much better for it

The night was set by a great performance by Mick Kidd with David Blight. These two seasoned performers were welcomed by an Adelaide crowd who no doubt had seen them perform before as this duo are well known around the local scene.

Delivering some tasty original numbers interspersed with a few covers the guys showed us what masters they are on their particular instruments. Mick Kidd plays some tasty blues riffs on acoustic guitar with some extra special slide work thrown in for good measure. David Blight has played harmonica for Cold Chisel and he treated us to that sexy sound at The Gov, he’s a master of the harmonica and can really make it cry. The guys share the lead vocal roles and solo instrumental spots.

Kidd and Blight warmed up the crowd on a cold and wet night perfectly before our Dr’s appointment. These guys deserve a more in depth review of their music and I hope to get to write one soon.

Mick Kidd with David Blight



Dr Feelgood treated us all with a huge dose of incredible music.

The band have been playing their own special brand of rhythm and blues since forming in the early 70’s on Canvey Island, Essex (UK). They have remained popular throughout the years because of their commitment to that special sound which has been compared to a 60’s R&B with a slight merseybeat edge.

Their influence on the British music scene has been nothing short of phenomenal. Enjoying massive global success with favourites songs such as ‘Down at the Doctors’, ‘See You Later Alligator’, ‘Going Back Home’ and ‘Milk and Alcohol’. They graced the stage of The Gov with their presence for a one night only appearance on 3rd May 2018.
The current lineup features Kevin Morris on drums, Phil Mitchell on bass, Steve Walwyn on guitar, and Robert Kane on Vocals and harmonica. The band continues to tour extensively throughout the World and are as popular as ever.

Their enormous library of worldwide hits include:

17 Studio albums:

Down by the Jetty, Malpractice, Sneakin’ Suspicion, Be Seeing You, Private Practice, Let It Roll, A Case of the Shakes, Fast Women and Slow Horse,s Doctor’s Orders, Mad Man Blues, Brilleaux, Primo, The Feelgood Factor, On the Road Again, Chess Masters, Speeding Thru Europe and Repeat Prescription

9 Live albums:

Stupidity, As It Happens, On the Job, Live In London, Stupidity Plus (Live 1976-1990), Down at the Doctors, Live at the BBC 1974-75, BBC Sessions 1973 – 1978 and Down at the BBC: In Concert 1977-78

8 Compilation albums:
Casebook, Case History – The Best of Dr. Feelgood, Singles – The UA Years, Looking Back, Twenty Five Years of Dr. Feelgood, Centenary Collection (The Best of Dr. Feelgood), Singled Out – UA/Liberty As, Bs & Rarities, Finely Tuned and The Complete Stiff Recordings.

And 26 Singles:
“Roxette”, “She Does It Right”, “Back in the Night”, “Roxette” (live), “Sneakin’ Suspicion”, “She’s a Windup”, “Baby Jane”, “Down at the Doctors”, “Milk and Alcohol”, “As Long as the Price Is Right” (live), “Put Him Out of Your Mind”, “Hong Kong Money”, “No Mo Do Yakamo” ,”Jumping From Love to Love”, “Violent Love”, “Waiting for Saturday Night”, “Trying to Live My Life Without You”, “Crazy About Girls”, “Dangerous”, “My Way”, “Don’t Wait Up”, “See You Later Alligator”, “Hunting Shooting Fishing”, and “Milk and Alcohol (New Recipe)”.

As usual, the Gov crowd had lingered back from the stage area for the support act, but then started to draw closer in towards the stage around 15 minutes before the band appeared. As soon as the band were spotted in the wings, the crowd erupted into thunderous applause.

From the first song, Robert Kane was superbly animated in his unique style. Imagine a highly charged punk singer delivering rhythm and blues and that comes somewhere close. Kane’s stage presence is larger than life. He never stopped moving from the first moment to the last. His vocal ability has not diminished one bit throughout the years and he can still belt out a song with incredible impressive tonal range.

With each song the crowd were revved up more and more getting louder each time with their applause and cheers for the band.

The creamy sounding guitar playing of Steve Walwyn just blew everyone away. In my book Walwyn rates as one of the top 10 guitarists. This gig was Walwyns first in Australia and the crowd loved every note he played. He worked hard for his fans and he was drenched with sweat from early on. The crowd was very appreciative of his talent and he  delivered some pretty special slide work. His guitar solos –  which served to rev the crowd up even more – earning him huge applause.

The interaction between the band and audience members was fantastic, striking poses mid song for fans to grab a picture and getting close to their fans making them feel very much a part of the show.

Kane had to tell one audience member, who stood at centre stage directly in front of the singer, to pocket her phone, and at one point laid a towel over the phone to enforce the request as she had filmed the whole show from the start. Why fans do this sort of thing instead of watching the show is a mystery.

As the rock solid rhythm section of drummer Kevin Morris and Bassist Phil Mitchell laid down the unmistakable beat to ‘Milk and Alcohol’ the crowd lifted the roof.

Hit after hit was delivered and the crowd knew every word, ‘Back in the night’, ‘Roxette’, ‘Shotgun blues’, ‘Down at the doctors‘. Every song delivered with full power and that unmistakable Feelgood feeling.

To massive applause the band came back on stage for an encore which included evergreen hits like ‘See You Later Alligator’ and ‘Bony Moronie/Tequilla

Dr Feelgood were in great shape last night and have the energy and drive to keep delivering their special medicine for decades to come.
An Incredible night of music, just what the doctor ordered.

Dr. Feelgood



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