Missy Higgins to play Thebby Theatre

Australian, alternative/Indie/acoustic artist Missy Higgins, will play Thebarton Theatre on May 12th as part of her ‘SOLASTALGIA‘ national tour.

This album which was released in April, is described by Missy as a “monumental undertaking with collaborations across the globe” with many hours of work to get it just right.

Missy has always been interested in the environment and minimising our carbon footprint, and this album has songs on it which deal with these topics. But she says that this project became much more than that, in fact it became ” … an epic, existential reflection on the passing of time, about the new fears and joys of parenthood, about possible scenarios during an apocalypse where love is the one thing that keeps the soul clinging on…”.

“I hope when you listen to it from beginning to end it tells a story, and that you take from it what you need. I’m really proud of this album so most of all I really hope you like it too!”

Missy Higgins web page is here: https://www.missyhiggins.com/

and her facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/missyhiggins/

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