Gig review: Blue Katz Rock the Workers

Those three rapscallions that make up The Blue Katz, rocked the Semaphore Workers Club on Friday 26th April 2018.

Billed (by themselves) as ” arguably the world’s greatest band in the world”. You can tell it’s going to be a fun night with these guys.

Friday night is blues night at the workers club, well known for its casual, friendly atmosphere. The historic club has a stage backdrop of many different trade union flags and even a Communist party flag.

The Blue Katz are Stuart Day : Bass /Vocals, Billy Regione : Drums/Vocals, Steve Gower: Guitar/harmonica/Vocals

These Katz have been around the Adelaide scene for a few years now and have certainly earned their stripes (see what I did there?) They’re a solid, outfit that is not only fun to watch but great to listen to.

Sometimes you want to dress up and go to the posh end of town, or a top class restaurant. Other times you just want to grab a double bourbon, kick back and enjoy some real music, some gritty, low down blues, this was one of those nights.

This is the blues as it should be played, the guys have a wide body of original numbers such as ‘Louise Louise‘ and ‘Crusty Boy’s Jump‘ that stand up well in an 11 song first set that featured 5 originals. ‘Different Man‘, ‘Fine Feathered Friends‘ and ‘Daddy’s Good at Killing‘ rounding out the bands own numbers. With covers from Roy Brown ‘Good Rockin Tonight‘ and Howlin Wolf‘  ‘Killing Floor‘ to rock n roll classic ‘20 Flight Rock’ and John Lee HookersBoogie Chillin‘, These guys have the musical cred to give these numbers the Blue Katz treatment. Steve Gowers harmonica playing is some of the coolest you’ll hear, he also plays lead guitar while blowing that mean harp.

The dance floor was alive from the first number onwards. So many dancers that it was sometimes hard to get a photo without being carried away on a boogie wave. Catch the Blue Katz as soon as you can … you’ll be glad you did.

See the Blue Katz facebook page for gig info :




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