Gig review: Newton Faulkner – Hits the Ground Running

The Gov – Adelaide, South Australia – 6th April 2018

Newton Faulkner didn’t think anyone would know who he was when he came to Australia the first time around. Now he has five hit albums including two UK number 1’s and he has just released his first independent album ‘HIT THE GROUND RUNNING’, and he’s back in Australia. This time people definitely know who he is.

After wowing audiences at Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne it’s now Adelaide’s turn to host this Bluesfest touring event, then it’s on to Perth (WA) before he flies home to the UK. Newton Faulkner has always dared to be that little bit different when it comes to places to perform (he’s even performed in a hot air balloon) but whether he is playing festivals, theatres or clubs, he always delivers. His incredible talent shines through from the first strum of that acoustic guitar.

A Newton Faulkner gig is guaranteed to be engaging, as he interacts fully with the audience throughout his set. He treated the crowd at The Gov to songs from his new album as well as old favourites, and they lapped up every syllable and note. From the first single on the first album, to the first single on the latest album. The Gov crowd just couldn’t get enough of the dreadlocked performer. Newton’s easy style, engages the whole room and draws them into his world, and it’s a nice place to be. Getting the room to perform different vocal parts of his songs while he overlays instrument and vocal parts is compelling to watch and you just can’t help but be drawn into the action.

Faulkner performed flawlessly and effortlessly throughout. Joking with the crowd about not being able to take his merch home on the plane, urging the crowd to “buy it all” to save him the trouble of taking it home. He endears himself to his audience so easily. His prowess on the guitar is incredible, couple that with his mastery of the loop machines and bass pedals, and he truly fulfils the role of a one man band. You could be forgiven for thinking there is a full band on stage as Faulkner builds each track layer by layer to create an astoundingly full backing sound. Newton Faulkner is a must see and hear for any music lover.








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