Gig review: Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge – Make rock great again.

Adelaide, South Australia – 4th April 2018

In a worldwide exclusive, TEG live has brought two of the biggest female performers together, to share a stage at South Australia’s premier, indoor concert facility, the Adelaide Entertainment Centre for their Make Rock Great Again tour. This is the first time these two have toured together, and they will perform throughout April at venues in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, followed by Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington in New Zealand.

Sheryl Crow has won Nine Grammy Awards and sold over 50 million albums worldwide. This is her first visit to Australia since 2008 and she will return to the US after the Wellington (NZ) gig to continue performing from April 21st onwards.

Academy award winner and two time Grammy Award winner, Melissa Etheridge last toured Australia in 2016. She has further concerts from June onwards in the US.

To say we are lucky to have these two incredible artist in town is an understatement. Both artists enjoy an enormous fan base here in Australia, and this tour is a dream come true for their Adelaide fans. On many occasions Adelaide misses out on major artists touring Australia, as they opt to play only venues along the east coast. So for these two to be here at the same time is a mega deal for this town.

Sheryl Crow was on stage first. Rocking out with her 6 piece backing band she belted out all the favourites, old and more recent. Such as ‘All I wanna do’, ‘Be myself’ and ‘Halfway there’. The diminutive rocker may be small in size but can fill a stage with her presence and can fill a concert hall with that incredible voice.

Crows voice has a slightly harder edge to it these days than her earlier shows have seen, and I like it. She can really rock and yet still has that mournful timbre to her voice when needed for numbers such as ‘Strong enough’ complimenting her acoustic guitar playing perfectly.

I think the whole band changed guitars for every song, the roadies worked as hard as anyone just swapping guitars throughout the night.

Crows harmonica playing on ‘Best of times’ earned her a huge round of applause, and her bass playing on a couple of numbers just reinforced how versatile this artist is. Sheryl Crow works hard for her audience but makes it look so effortless. She looks good doing it too.

When Melissa Etheridge appeared on stage, you just knew this was going to be something special. Etheridge is about the same size as Crow and as they stood alongside the tall guys of Sheryl Crow’s band, it emphasised how small they both are, but hey, when they sang together they were ten feet tall. Who knew their voices would blend so perfectly together, ok, ok they probably knew, but it left me wondering why this double billing hasn’t happened before, and hoping that it happens again.

Melissa Etheridge walked out on stage to thunderous applause from the capacity crowd for her own set after the break, which saw the whole stage re-arranged to accommodate her 3 piece backing band. You could be forgiven for thinking that after the full sound of Sheryl Crow’s band, this would sound somewhat emptier. Nothing could be farther from the truth, these musicians filled the stage equally as well as the previous ones had done. The set started with a drum solo by Melissa Etheridge. As the other musicians readied themselves, Etheridge treated us to a funky, rhythmic beat that instantly got the crowd cheering. As the drummer seamlessly moved into place and Etheridge came to the front of stage, the audience gave her a standing ovation.

Melissa Etheridge has been there and done that, and her approach to rock music shows just how no–nonsense she still is. Her harder, raunchier style complimented Sheryl Crow’s smoother sounding set. Etheridge rocks just as hard these days as she ever did. When she solos on that big Gretsch guitar of hers on ‘Don’t you need‘, you realise that she’s more than just a great singer, she’s also a great guitarist too.

From the moody ‘I wanna come over’ to ‘Similar features’ and ‘Lover Please’, Etheridge hypnotised the crowd all night. A perfect night filled with the sound of two incredible singer/songwriters who should do all this again just for me. Oh and a few thousand others of course.


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