Gawlers Big Night Out

Gawler, South Australia, 10th March 2018.

What constitutes a big night out in Gawler, the small South Australian country town with a population of around 24.000, a little over 50 kilometres north of the South Australian capital?

20 years ago, a big night out in Gawler would have been a pint of beer, a pie and home by 9pm all rugged up in PJ’s and slippers. Not tonight though, when Across the Atlas, Imogen Brave, Lost in Sounds, The Red Earth Blues band and Taylor Brown are in town, it’s going to be a BIG, big night. As if Australians needed an excuse to party, well the Historic Kingsford Hotel gave them one.

Sadly due to a family emergency I missed Taylor Brown‘s set which opened the night from 5:45 to 6:30. By the time I got there, Lost in Sounds were into their second number ‘We wanna save you’. This 5 member Punk/Rock/Pop band hail from Whyalla in South Australia’s north, and is made up of Dale Raymond (Vocals/Guitar), Robert Hedger (Lead Guitar), Richard Berrettoni (Bass Guitar) and Dion Travers (Drums). They gave a lively performance in such a small space. These guys are tight musically, though some work on their audience and on stage interaction would lift them to a higher level. Greeting the audience with a “cheers” after they have just applauded a song gets a bit old after 10 songs. They had plenty of fans in the audience and they will definitely gain more in the future with their great sound.

The Red Earth Blues Band took to the stage at 8:15pm altering the tempo and bringing a different dynamic to the gig. Washy – Bass / Vox; Loki – Guitar / Vox; Trev – Guitar / Vox; Jezza – Drums / Vox; Hoffy – Harmonica/ Vox, layed down a set full of original numbers which featured some great sounding, gritty vocals from Washy and Loki and mellow harp playing from Hoffy chilling out the crowd as the temp hovered around 35 degrees C. Adelaide has some fine blues musicians and this band has 5 of them. The crowd chanting for an encore which was satisfied by ‘Cocaine’ ..the song not the substance. Plenty of new Red earth Blues Band fans were made this night. Top band of the night musically.

Rock band Imogen Brave have been around since 2005. Beginning as a pop songwriting project but now are a solid hard rock outfit. Fronted by Stef Crowley on vocals. This band is definitely one to look out for. Crowley never stood still, she used every inch of the stage and compelled the crowd to watch. This energetic performance was equally matched by a tight, punchy sound, solid guitar riffs and precision timing by the band, their hard rock influences of Led Zep, Nirvana, Pink Floyd and Van Halen shining through. Crowleys’ vocals are strong and she delivers a performance which would stand up alongside some of the country’s best. Her crowd interaction and on-stage interaction with the other players was natural and entertaining. Bass player Jake Brackenridge knows how to get down …literally .. this giant of a man gets so low he could carve his initials in the floor with the head of the bass guitar. Imogen Brave are, Stef Crowley (vocals) Mick McClounan (guitar), Andy Cienciala (drums), Jake Brackenridge (bass). Most visually entertaining band of the night.

Last up were the 5 member punk outfit Across the Atlas. These guys were two members down with 3 short weeks to go before this gig, so had to call on guitarist Ian Dark from Down this Fury and drummer Daniel Harris from Submerge to fill in, which they did perfectly. Vocalist Penny is another livewire performer but with added sass and angst. This punk/rock/pop band is all of the above, punky when it suits, rocky when they need to be and poppy ? well just because they can. Their sound was too big for this small space, it would be better heard in a medium sized concert hall.

The Kingsford Hotel is a great place for getting to know new music, but space is definitely at a premium. The small area utilised for this gig is pleasant enough but the sound engineer was having a tough day at the office just keeping the feedback in check. By the time Across The Atlas came to the end of their set, my ears were ringing and didn’t stop all the way home. Just as well I’d laid out my PJ’s and slippers ready.

Stand out performances of the night were The Red Earth Blues Band (Musically) and Imogen Brave (Visually) making this night one to remember for a long time. Let’s have more big nights out in Gawler.




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