Gig review – Album review: Dave Hudson – CD Launch

Adelaide, South Australia. – 2 March 2018.

Renowned for supporting new music, Adelaide’s Wheatsheaf Hotel, was the venue chosen for the launch of Dave Hudson’s debut solo CD, ‘THE JOURNEY‘. This eclectic mix of songs, all written by Hudson, are – at least in part- a reflection of his voyage through life’s turbulent waters, and as in life, with its unexpected curve balls. Just when you think you have ‘Huddo’s’ genre nailed, he delivers another twist. From Folk to rock and even hip hop, he asks us to go along with him on his musical journey.

Dave Hudson was born in the South Australian seaside suburb of Glenelg. He has – by his own admission – lived a difficult life. leaving home early with little more than a guitar, he gained a loyal following in a previous musical life as bass guitarist and vocalist for Adelaide outfit, Fool’s Errand. Later he became a familiar sight around the Adelaide scene, busking and gigging solo whilst writing this debut album.

Hudson was definitely among friends for this sold out show. The crowd loved every move he made. ‘Huddo’ had them in the palm of his hand throughout, and he held them beautifully, his affable nature shining through time and time again, and it was a joy to watch.

Joining Hudson on stage for his big night, was Ben Ford-Davies guitar / backing vocals; Ozzy Grillet bass; Tom McKnight drums / backing vocals; Aaron kemp violin; Robbert Ernst keyboards and Helen Clout vocals on glimmer.

First listen to the CD.

After a first listen to ‘THE JOURNEY‘, some songs become instant favourites, ‘Promenade’ and ‘Sweet Cherokee’ are two that stand out. ‘Glimmer’, featuring the beautiful voice of Helen Clout is an immediate winner for me, and I can see a strong future for this song.

Other tracks need to be listened to again before the lyrics are fully digested. The edgy, ‘Easy 2 please’ with its strong catchy chorus line, and ‘Strange emotion’, with such obscure lines as “… Mother I’ve got a strange kinda light in my eyes Hey! Do you think I’m alright? Mother I’ve been missing I’ve been trippin through the jungle But I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive…” ask the listener to come back again to truly understand what is being said.

Hudson’s clear vocal style brings a quality to his sound that lifts this album above most of its competitors. The harmonies are tight and the production by Nigel Grummet at Hiball Studios is first rate.

There are two songs which don’t sit comfortably on this album for my tastes – but which worked very well within the live show – The Alice Cooper inspired, ‘Guess who’s coming to dinner’. And the highly personal, hip hop style ‘Wedding song’ which Hudson wrote for his wife. I believe Dave Hudson excels when he delivers his more melodic compositions, and these two songs stray a little too far from that for my liking, and for that reason, possibly bring this album down a little.

Does this album fully deliver a message of a difficult passage through life? I don’t think it does, and does that really matter? I don’t think that it does. If this album is given the repeat plays that it deserves, and it does deserve to be played. It stands alone as an enjoyable glimpse into the world of someone who is evidently passionate about his music.

If I had to rate this album out of 10, it would be a solid 8, because of its strong vocals, tight harmonies and superb production.

The Journey can be purchased from Hudson’s’ web site at From most online music stores by following the links on Hudsons web site and at the merchandise table at any Dave Hudson gig.

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